INTEGRITY: quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

Our challenge is to engage ourselves, without ceasing, in a manner clearly demonstrating a strong moral foundation based on truth and honesty.

ACCOUNTABILITY: an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.

Though the investment landscape can be quite complicated with a myriad of cross currents on any given day, we pledge to speak with clarity in order to be easily held accountable for both what we say and do.

EDUCATIONAL: to impart knowledge, develop reasoning and judgment, prepare intellectually for mature life.

Our goal is to continually expand the knowledge base of our company and our investors. We constantly seek knowledge and will freely share all open-source material that we find compelling and that helps explain the intricacies of the financial markets.

INSIGHTFUL: quality of having or showing an accurate and deep understanding; perceptive.

A basic tenet of insight is to be able to look beyond the obvious. Headline stories often serve as the magician’s distraction that averts one’s eyes from what is really taking place. We refer to this as seeking the Internal Trends of the marketplace.

IMAGINATIVE: quality of having or showing creativity or inventiveness.

Markets are always changing. As such, it is critical to continually reassess one’s foundational precepts. While investment principles should not be changed easily or often, we will always push to think outside the box to push our investments to greater success..